Fine Art Photographer & Art Therapist

Alexandros C

The Eye Behind the Camera

I am Alexandros Christodoulopoulos. I was born in Athens, Greece. I was a senior executive of large companies and Banks, making a life journey that, above all, deepened and broadened my view of human relations, the development of dynamics within work groups, the burnout effects in workers and executives, the frequent absence of spontaneous creativity and all its understandably detrimental effects.

For the past 20 years I have been photographing professionally with a special emphasis on Fine Art Photography. Photography has had and continues to have a therapeutic, healing and revatilising effect on me. Through Art Therapy, I can see that the same applies for others, too. It constitutes, moreover, an excellent autobiographical tool. One of my most important projects so far has been pande[a]mo; a collection of several thousand photos of Athens during the first lockdown due to Covid 19. It is a project, which, apart from its historical and cultural value, helped me to contain as well as metabolise that dystopic period of our lives.

*Photography Master in Specialised Photography Workshops

*Co-Founder and Scientific Director of PhotoCure – Healing through Photography

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